High Street Car Park, Haslemere

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Haslemere High Street Car Park


Waverley Borough Council


Complete resurfacing of the town’s main car park adjacent to the busy supermarket, including base repairs, installation of new drainage gullies and reconfiguring the ticket machines and kerbing. On completion of the surfacing, the whole car park was line marked.

We machine laid 200tonnes of surfacing with a paving machine that was small enough to maintain access and had the advantage of being quicker than hand laying, keeping the project on track. Work required liaison with the super market and adjacent businesses management and security staff.

Safe access was maintained for pedestrians and traffic whilst keeping a minimum of one third of the car park open at all times. This was achieved through planning and effective communication with stakeholders and the use of night time working to reduce the disruption to shoppers and the public whilst the work was under way.


3 Weeks